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It’s my pleasure to have the opportunity to give you brief news on some of the current TMD activities.

The US office in Baltimore, Maryland has had a record year, winning a total of three new programmes in addition to orders received from our established customers. The US team has been further strengthened and the repair facility has seen good growth with rapid turnaround time.

We are heavily involved in the UK National Quantum Programme with a number of projects running to develop quantum enhanced products with a wide range of applications. The areas being addressed are: compact and rugged rubidium and caesium atomic clocks, compact frequency stabilized lasers and compact magneto optical traps. TMD is working with a number of academic and industrial partners on these projects which are described on page 7.

Red Air (aggressor) simulation is becoming increasingly important globally and TMD is supplying a number of customers with threat simulators for training systems. These are both ground based and airborne to allow a wide range of threats to be realistically simulated.

Finally, as power and frequency demands for EW platforms continue trending upwards, it’s clear that travelling wave tube (TWT) solutions, rather than solid state, offer proven technology advantages. When high power is the goal for radar and Electronic Warfare, TWT based solutions have repeatedly shown to be more efficient, durable, and cost effective over the life of the programme. With decades of tube technology experience behind us, and working at the forefront of tube innovation, TMD is well positioned to reinforce the suitability of tube based solutions at high power.

We are anticipating another year of growth and very much look forward to continuing the strong relationships we have with our valued customers.