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Tom Curtin, VP Sales & Business Development, TMD Technologies, LLC (TMD-US)

TMD Technologies in the US is experiencing unprecedented growth in our MPM, HVPS, and commercial amplifier business. As more customers become aware of TMD’s high performance products and proven reliability, the US office has expanded in order to support this growth. Especially relevant is the continued pursuit by the US aerospace defense companies of higher power microwave solutions, and increased demand for higher frequencies. TMD has invested heavily in pursuing these developments and has products ready and in development to address this critical need.

One area of continued emphasis and higher demand within the US market is the need to update the US military’s electronic warfare and electronic attack systems.

TMD is addressing this high priority with fast time-to-market design and production, specifically tailored to the rigid, uncompromising demands of military platforms, including airborne (manned and unmanned), shipboard, and ground-based radar transmitters and jammers. TMD’s commitment to being the ‘go to company’ for military grade microwave power subsystems spans 75 years, and remains unabated.

Our singular focus is to supply reliable working product on time, and within budget. Nothing less will continue to earn us our US customer’s business. We welcome all inquiries and look forward to a year of further market share expansion.