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The last four years have seen rapid development in our range of microwave power modules (MPMs), starting with the GaN based solid state PTS6900 (optimised for EW) and closely followed by the ultra compact PTXM1000 series of TWT based MPMs. The latter were specifically designed for those radar, EW and communications applications that required high power performance in a small space.

New requirements for MPMs continuously emerge and TMD’s sales and engineering teams work closely together to launch new products into the market.

Last year saw the arrival of two new models:

NEW! PTX8110 Compact, high power MPM for radar and EW

The new PTX8110 operates from 6-18 GHz at 200 W and, with its compact design, is easily integrated into those high performance EW and radar systems requiring higher power. Comprising a high power helix travelling wave tube (TWT) and switched mode power supply, the PTX8110 forms a single ‘drop-in’ microwave amplifier unit without the need for potentially unreliable high voltage TWT interconnections. A high performance TWT is specified together with a low noise solid state preamplifier to provide optimum noise performance. It features high electrical efficiency, needs a minimum of cooling and operates over a wide temperature range – at high altitude and high humidity.

NEW! PTX8815 Ka band TWTA for high performance radar

The new PTX8815 TWTA from TMD is designed for Ka band radar applications such as naval fire control. Featuring broadband capability, covering 32 GHz–36 GHz, it offers a peak power of over 1100 W in the midband, and 600 W at the band edges with a maximum duty of up to 12%. This top class TWTA is the answer to high resolution radar requirements for low close-to-carrier phase noise and spurious performance. Its development follows the launch of the PTX8807 Ka band, 200 W CW/Pulsed MPM, aimed primarily at EW applications.