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Nigel Hann, Head of Sales, TMD Technologies

I’d like to take this opportunity to summarise where we are with product development at TMD. As always, we strive to remain at the leading edge of high power and high voltage RF and microwave, providing all the features and performance that our customers are looking for. If there’s anything we’ve missed or should be doing differently don’t hesitate to let me, or any of the sales team know and we’ll feedback to TMD’s engineering team at our weekly get-togethers – and in between! Many thanks to those of you who have completed our annual customer surveys. These are important for us to improve quality, reliability, customer service and all aspects of the TMD brand.

A recent challenge has been the newly developed high power, dual combined version of the PTCM instrumentation amplifier, delivering more than 10 kW pulsed and greater than 4 kW CW across the 2-18 GHz range. This high power performance is achieved by combining two TWTs and high voltage power supplies within one rack mountable amplifier – maintaining a single input and output. The first of these units have now been fielded and we are already working on higher multiple combinations to meet the power requirements of the emerging EMC HIRF testing standards, and other scientific and medical application such as linear accelerators.

TMD’s other important growth area involves TWT based MPMs, which are proving their worth for high power, high frequency applications; complementing solid state technology which excels at lower power and lower frequency.

The ultra-compact PTXM range provides our smallest MPM product, delivering over 100 W at 1.7 kg. This product range offers probably the highest power densities on the market, for those radar, EW and Comms application where space and weight are important considerations.

Responding to the EW/ECM market we have invested in the development of Ka band MPM products to counter the emerging threats of higher frequency radars. A good example is the PTX8807 (26.5-40 GHz, 200 W) launched in 2015, now a mature product incorporating many design improvements.

Last year, primarily for radar applications, we launched two high efficiency amplifiers PTX8430 and PTX8501 operating at 1 kW in X band at 5 and 10% duty. These products are up to 60% more efficient than earlier versions and are designed for situations where conserving prime power and avoiding reliability issues due to overheating are paramount.

What about solid state? TMD is still developing its 0.25 μm GaN MMIC based PTS6900 (2.0-6.0 GHz, 150 W) solid state MPM, optimised for EW and has now launched a higher power version, the PTS6963 (2.0-6.0 GHz, 180 W). These units both have fast RF mute capability; 1 and 5 μs respectively.

So, to sum up, if you want small, lightweight, efficient, high power, high frequency TWT based products then TMD is the company you should be talking to – and we do solid state as well!