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We are also doing well with our low frequency, ultra-high-power accelerator amplifiers. The first units have been successfully fielded and we recently attended the IPAC 2019 International Accelerator Exhibition in Melbourne. Here, potential customers were impressed with the high reliability and ‘availability’ of these products – critically important for many applications where the system is required to provide 24/7 operation.”

TMD’s new products are highlighted in the additional colourful icons on the home pages of our UK and USA websites and

You may recall that TMD’s product portfolio has recently been enhanced by the addition of transponders, following the acquisition of G2 Engineering last year. We continue to be very active in the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme and in ultra-high-power solid state amplifiers for accelerator applications. Richard Patrick, Head of Business Development says: “We are working closely with our Quantum partners on the technological challenges of the various complex sub-assemblies such as magneto – optical traps and compact atomic clocks and are making great progress.