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On Stand DS3 at the National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2019

‘TMD announces the world’s first portable grating magneto-optical trap for portable cold atom technology’

TMD Technologies Limited (TMD), world leading West London based manufacturer of equipment for the high-tech microwave industry, will once again be exhibiting at the upcoming National Quantum Technologies Showcase in London on the 15th of November 2019.

TMD’s participation in this landmark event highlights its on-going and substantial investment in the development of cutting-edge quantum-enabled technology under the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme (UK-NQTP).

Magneto-optical trap
The world’s first portable grating magneto-optical trap for compact atomic clocks, inertial sensors, magnetometers, RF field sensing and gravimeters.

A world’s first…

This investment has resulted in significant technological developments and in this, its 75th Anniversary Year, TMD has announced the gMOT, the world’s first portable grating magneto-optical trap for compact cold atom systems – shown very recently on the Strathclyde University stand at the Photonex Europe 2019 exhibition in Coventry.

Said Richard Patrick, TMD’s Head of Business Development: “ The gMOT was manufactured by TMD’s Quantum Team in close working association with its academic and scientific partners the University of Strathclyde, University of Glasgow and Kelvin Nanotechnology Limited, and was assembled and tested at TMD’s manufacturing and design facility in Hayes, West London.

Download full press release here – Quantum Showcase 2019