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TMD receives overseas order for its Ka band MPM

– for naval EW jamming system

TMD Technologies Limited, independent world class, West London based manufacturer in the microwave and RF field, has received an overseas order for its PTX8807 Ka band 200 W microwave power modules (MPMs). The PTX8807 units are for use in a multi-MPM naval radar jamming system to be deployed in a NATO end use.

Each system utilizes multiple MPMs – depending upon antennae configuration. The PTX8807 MPMs supplied by TMD have been specifically designed for such use and incorporate the company’s very latest high reliability PSU and associated TWT technology. Furthermore, the MPMs can be combined for higher power system requirements or provide graceful degradation/improved system reliability in the event of a failure in any one of the units.

The PTX8807 operates in the Ka band
and is being used in a major naval multi-MPM radar jamming system.

The PTX8807 features simplified integration for high performance EW and radar systems and provides its output power of up to 200 W over a 30-40 GHz range in the technically challenging Ka band. It comprises a high-power Ka band helix TWT and switched mode power supply to form a single ‘drop-in’ unit without the need for high voltage connections.

Nigel Hann, TMD’s Head of Sales: “At TMD we recognised the urgent requirement for defence and security organisations to mitigate the worldwide threat imposed by the increasing use of higher frequency radars. Such high frequency technology is now becoming more sophisticated and the systems more difficult to counter jam – whereas earlier Ka band radar products were less reliable and technically advanced.

Download PDF of full press release here – Overseas order – Ka band MPM