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Rugged Low Noise Radar Power Supplies

Abstract: This paper covers an approach to the design of High Voltage Power Supply Units for operating Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers in Pulse Doppler Radar Transmitter Sub‐Systems where ultra low noise RF Output is mandatory.

A Radar Transmitter is generally required to amplify a low noise coherent RF waveform. This waveform is generally provided by a Radar RF Exciter and can be fixed frequency, frequency chirped, or phase modulated during the radar transmitter pulse. It is important that the transmitter system amplifies this pulsed signal to a high power whilst maintaining its coherence and its fidelity. To achieve this, the transmitter sub‐system must add virtually no noise to the low power RF input signal as it is amplified in the SSA and TWT chain.

Author: Derek Newton, Chief Engineer, Equipment

Download PDF of full article here – Rugged Low Noise Radar Power Supplies