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As many of you may know, TMD Technologies has been operating a charity scheme for several years. Charities are nominated by staff and the fund-raising activities are co-ordinated by the company’s Sports & Social Team (SAS). We are pleased to announce that last year we raised £10,000 for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) from a variety of events.

So far, we have supported Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research UK, National Autistic Society, London’s Air Ambulance, CALM and this year, Diabetes UK.

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We are also doing well with our low frequency, ultra-high-power accelerator amplifiers. The first units have been successfully fielded and we recently attended the IPAC 2019 International Accelerator Exhibition in Melbourne. Here, potential customers were impressed with the high reliability and ‘availability’ of these products – critically important for many applications where the system is required to provide 24/7 operation.”

TMD’s new products are highlighted in the additional colourful icons on the home pages of our UK and USA websites and

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Tom Curtin, VP Sales & Business Development, TMD Technologies, LLC (TMD-US)

TMD Technologies in the US is experiencing unprecedented growth in our MPM, HVPS, and commercial amplifier business. As more customers become aware of TMD’s high performance products and proven reliability, the US office has expanded in order to support this growth. Especially relevant is the continued pursuit by the US aerospace defense companies of higher power microwave solutions, and increased demand for higher frequencies. TMD has invested heavily in pursuing these developments and has products ready and in development to address this critical need.

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TMD celebrates an outstanding 75 years at the top of scientific and technical microwave and RF innovation

– from the world’s very first high-power radar klystrons to quantum clocks!

TMD’s innovative heritage can be traced right back to the 1940s where, under the then leadership of EMI, the company produced the world’s first high power klystron, the CV150. Subsequent major developments covered travelling wave tubes (TWTs) and magnetrons, leading to a multi-cavity klystron for the UK’s first early warning radar, and the world’s first and only electrostatically focussed klystron produced in volume.


Nigel Hann, Head of Sales, TMD Technologies

I’d like to take this opportunity to summarise where we are with product development at TMD. As always, we strive to remain at the leading edge of high power and high voltage RF and microwave, providing all the features and performance that our customers are looking for. If there’s anything we’ve missed or should be doing differently don’t hesitate to let me, or any of the sales team know and we’ll feedback to TMD’s engineering team at our weekly get-togethers – and in between! Many thanks to those of you who have completed our annual customer surveys. These are important for us to improve quality, reliability, customer service and all aspects of the TMD brand.

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I’m delighted to write this message to TMD Technologies’ customers in our 75th Anniversary year. As explained in more detail on page 2, TMD’s heritage can be traced right back to 1944 where, under the then leadership of EMI, the company produced the world’s first high power klystron the CV150 – for use in wartime radar.

It’s fascinating to reflect that this same spirit of innovation is very much alive in TMD’s engineers today, who continuously challenge themselves to be thought-leaders in the RF, microwave and high voltage industry.

However, to be effective, this activity must be closely aligned with markets and customers. I am very proud to head up TMD’s energetic and dedicated Sales & Business Development Team, which is closely and passionately focussed on our customers and the emerging requirements of their applications.

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TMD has been operating a ‘charity of the year’ scheme for several years. Charities are nominated by staff and the fund-raising activities are coordinated by the company’s Sports & Social Team (SAS).

So far, we have supported Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research UK, National Autistic Society, London’s Air Ambulance and, this year, CALM – the Campaign Against Living Miserably. This charity is dedicated to preventing male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.

David Brown, TMD’s Managing Director commented: “TMD takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously and last year broke its previous records by raising £5000 for London’s Air Ambulance”. Rita Hipgrace a Prototype Wireperson at TMD raised over £870 by Wing Walking (above)

Rita said: “They now call me the Flying Hipgrave! I love an exciting challenge especially in a good cause”. Nigel Hann, TMD’s Head of Sales (pictured above) also raised over £800 by taking part in the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 cycle ride. He said: “I trained hard beforehand and was elated at the finish of the ride – it was a great experience”.



TMD continues to stay at the frontiers of scientific research and development by combining its engineering and manufacturing expertise in partnership with research and development companies and universities.

A good example of this is our collaboration with academic and industry partners to realise the commercialisation of Quantum 2.0 Technologies.

The areas being addressed are: compact atomic clocks where the aim is to produce rugged rubidium and caesium products with 10-14 performance which will better any currently available competitor; compact frequency stabilised lasers where the current alternatives are large laboratory rigs which require constant attention and tuning; and compact magneto optical traps which have a wide range of applications from cold atomic clocks, to a range of ultra-sensitive inertial and gravitation sensors. Our partners include Chronos Technology Ltd, Universities of Bath, Strathclyde and Glasgow, Kelvin Nanotechnology Ltd, Optocap Ltd and Fraunhofer UK.

Why is this work important?

Since the advent of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), implemented by the USA DoD as the Global Positioning System (GPS), which became widely available in 1994, the global distribution of sub microsecond accuracy time reference signals has enabled a revolution in the use of technologies that depend on this to function.

The very ubiquity of this has resulted in substantial dependence on the availability of the GNSS signals. Due to the low level of the GNSS signals and the widespread application of low cost GPS chips it is easy to jam or interfere with the signal. The defence sector has become as dependent on GNSS for timing as the commercial sector, in which both the telecoms and banking industries are heavily reliant on precision timing. Many defence systems are GNSS dependent both for their own functionality and also for their ability to communicate with other systems, and consequently many critical systems are now vulnerable to GNSS jamming and spoofing attacks.

Quantum clocks developed in the Quantum 2.0 programme (together with the other related hardware) have the potential to provide a valuable alternative and backup to GNSS systems – used as either stand-alone timing solutions on a platform or as ‘hold over’ clocks should the GNSS signal become unavailable.

In recognition of our close involvement with the programme, TMD was invited to attend the Quantum Technology Showcase in London in November last year, where together with our partners we were able to demonstrate some of our recent prototype assemblies.