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Microwave Tubes - TWTs, Klystrons & Magnetrons

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New PTXM Series
Ultra Compact MPMs only 1.7 kg typically:

PTXM1000 for Comms
PTXM1001 for Radar, EW & Comms
PTXM1002 for EW & Comms

High reliability Microwave Tubes for Radar, EW and Communications:

  • Ring Bar, Ring Loop & Coupled Cavity Travelling Wave Tubes (TWTs)
  • Broadband Klystrons
  • Magnetrons (fixed frequency, agile & tuneable) L, C, X and Ku band

Travelling Wave Tubes (TWTs)

In particular TMD specialises in ring bar and ring loop TWTs from 1-18 GHz with the following features:

  • High reliability dispenser cathode technology (up to 90,000 hrs operation achieved for S band Watchman ATC radar)
  • European "Centre of Excellence" for cathode and electron gun design
  • In-house cathode technology minimising reliance on ITAR controlled parts
  • Fast warm (under 3 seconds) versions available in Ku band
  • Emission testing and surface analysis facilities in-house
  • Air, land and sea platforms supported

TWTs Microwave Tubes - Klystrons - Magnetrons

How to find a product
Download the Product Summary pdf file on the right and note the part number(s) you are interested in. Print if required for future reference.

Need more information?
Look up the chosen product(s) in the list below (in alpha numeric part number order) where you will find a fuller description, a photo and in most cases a complete datasheet.

In order to download a datasheet we will require a few details from you - but only once, the very first time you use the site.

Please don't worry if you can't see your exact specification! We are very used to providing bespoke solutions.

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Product List: TWTs - Klystrons - Magnetrons

PT5064 Agile Magnetron
PT5064 Agile Magnetron 16.0-17.0 GHz, 70 kW

PT5065 Fixed Frequency Magnetron
PT5065 Fixed Frequency Magnetron 16.0-17.0 GHz, 50 kW

PT6014 Electrostatically Focussed Klystron
PT6014 Electrostatically Focussed Klystron 3.09-3.25 GHz, 2 kW

PT6015 Electrostatically Focussed Klystron
PT6015 Electrostatically Focussed Klystron 3.25-3.4 GHz, 2 kW

PT6019 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6019 Ring Bar Travelling Wave Tube 1.2-1.4 GHz, 150 kW

PT6049 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6049 Ring Bar Travelling Wave Tube 1.2-1.4 GHz, 170 kW

PT6055 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6055 Coupled Cavity Travelling Wave Tube, 2.75-3.05 GHz, 50 kW

PT6062 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6062 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 8.5-9.5 GHz, 8 kW

PT6067 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6067 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 8.7-9.2 GHz, 8 kW

PT6073 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6073 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 9.2-9.4 GHz, 8.5 kW

PT6074 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6074 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 9.0-9.5 GHz, 5.3 kW

PT6088 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6088 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 8.9-9.4 GHz, 8 kW

PT6109 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6109 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 9.5-10.0 GHz, 8.0 kW

PT6226 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6226 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 9.2-10.0 GHz, 4 kW

PT6240 Agile Magnetron
PT6240 Agile Magnetron 16.0-17.0 GHz, 35 kW

PT6250 Fixed Frequency Magnetron
PT6250 Fixed Frequency Magnetron 16.0-17.0 GHz, 29-60 kW

PT6713 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6713 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 14.5-17.0 GHz, 2.0 kW

PT6715 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6715 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 16.0-17.0 GHz, 2.0 kW (many variants - please see summary sheet)

PT6745 Travelling wave Tube
PT6745 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 16.0-18.0 GHz, 0.4 kW

PT6789 Travelling Wave Tube
PT6789 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 17.0-18.0 GHz, 1.0 kW

PT7105 Travelling Wave Tube
PT7105 Ring Loop Travelling Wave Tube 9.0-9.5 GHz, 8.0 kW

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