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I’m delighted to write this message to TMD Technologies’ customers in our 75th Anniversary year. As explained in more detail on page 2, TMD’s heritage can be traced right back to 1944 where, under the then leadership of EMI, the company produced the world’s first high power klystron the CV150 – for use in wartime radar.

It’s fascinating to reflect that this same spirit of innovation is very much alive in TMD’s engineers today, who continuously challenge themselves to be thought-leaders in the RF, microwave and high voltage industry.

However, to be effective, this activity must be closely aligned with markets and customers. I am very proud to head up TMD’s energetic and dedicated Sales & Business Development Team, which is closely and passionately focussed on our customers and the emerging requirements of their applications.

With sales & engineering working closely together we have the ability and willingness to tailor solutions exactly to customers’ requirements and provide un-rivalled customer service and support. Nigel Hann, Head of Sales explains this process and summarises TMD’s latest product successes on page 2.

Looking further into the future, the Business Development Team continues to flourish: working on technical developments for the UK Quantum Programme and also collaborating on projects involving ultra-high-power solid state amplifiers for linear accelerators. Richard Patrick, Head of Business Development tells us more about this on page 3.

In 2018 TMD acquired radar transponder company G2 Engineering and the team has settled in perfectly in Hayes! Production has continued almost seamlessly, this range of products perfectly complementing TMD’s core products.

I’m very pleased to report that TMD Technologies, LLC (TMD-US) continues to grow and mature. The US team has been successfully identifying new customers, particularly for MPM and instrumentation amplifiers and has recently been hard at work on several proposals – with a high chance of success.

Fundamentally TMD is a forward-looking global company, each year gaining customers and developing partnerships in new parts of the world – helping to insulate us from any negative effects of Brexit and providing a secure future for our customers and our employees.

Have you ever wondered how much of the world we cover? Look no further, the text in white in the above picture shows where TMD is active. Definitely a global company!