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TMD attends IPAC 2019 – with innovative RF solid state amplifiers for the latest scientific and medical applications

After another successful participation last year, West London based microwave and RF manufacturer TMD Technologies Limited (TMD will be attending this year’s International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC2019) in Melbourne, showing revolutionary products for mainstream science – on stand K19.

TMD – making further growth into mainstream science markets

TMD participates again in the International Particle Accelerator Conference as it is the key accelerator event. With an estimated 1000 delegates this year, IPAC is the ultimate event for meeting and networking with the elite in the professional accelerator community and industry worldwide.

Solid state RF amplifiers for cutting-edge mainstream science

TMD’s modular architecture, solid state RF amplifiers employ innovative power combining methods to provide many user benefits, including:

Very compact systems –

They are typically based on one 19-inch rack / 100 kW (pulse), with frequencies available from 20 MHz to 1.3 GHz. Operating as CW or pulse systems (with long pulse systems available) they have a wall plug efficiency competitive with tube technology.

High MTBF and low MTTR –

These highly efficient amplifiers are robustly resistant to VSWR mismatch, are easily maintainable with ‘hot swap’ availability, and exhibit no loss of power from any single element failure. They can be combined to provide MW power capability.

Other products from TMD –

TMD’s extensive portfolio includes high power, very low phase noise travelling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers, brazed UHV components, and electron guns.

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