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An Automated Software Suite for Determining Electrical Characteristics of Travelling Wave Tubes

Travelling wave tubes are vacuum devices with electron beams that couple to a microwave frequency electromagnetic signal (loosely termed ‘r.f.’ in the trade) propagating in the direction of the beam. Energy is transferred to the microwave signal, and the device generally behaves as an amplifier.

Since the electron beam must obviously travel slower than the speed of light, there must be some means of slowing down the forward velocity of the electromagnetic wave. This is done by means of a slow wave structure (sws), on which the electromagnetic wave propagates. This sws forces the microwave signal to effectively meander back and forth across the beam , slowing down it’s forward motion to a point where it is in approximate synchronism with the electron beam.

Author: David Dyson, Chief Engineer, Tubes

Download PDF of full article here – Automated Software Suite For TWTs