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Celebrating 75 Years in Microwaves & RF at European Microwave 2019!

TMD highlights its PTCM Series instrumentation amplifiers, now with higher power combined versions – plus innovative, modular architecture, RF solid state amplifiers for a range of applications including EMC/EMI, industrial, laboratory, mainstream scientific, and military programmes.

At European Microwave 2019, TMD Technologies Limited (TMD), specialist London based design and manufacturing company, will be celebrating an outstanding 75 years in the microwave and RF field – highlighting its newest, modular intelligent instrumentation amplifiers for EMC, threat simulation and laboratory use, and the company’s latest, innovative RF solid state amplifiers for cutting-edge mainstream science.

Said Steve Humphries, TMD’s Territory Manager Europe & Africa: “With its unrivalled 75 year heritage in microwave design and manufacture, TMD will be a major player at the European Microwave event in Paris in September. As an established international trading company, with strong export credentials, we welcome the opportunity to meet and engage with those involved in the latest microwave developments, as well as industry academics and figureheads – not just from Europe but from around the world.”

Commented Stuart Love, Senior Sales Manager, UK & Europe: “Backed by TMD’s innovative heritage, our design teams have placed us is at the very leading edge of scientific development, working with major universities and research establishments on projects such as ultra-high-power solid state amplifiers for particle accelerators, quantum clock technology and THz devices. Moreover, TMD is synonymous with ultra-reliability, working to the highest MIL SPEC standards to offer top quality products for the microwave commercial, defence, security, medical and scientific markets,”

TMD’s newest PTCM/Dual Combined Series

TMD will be demonstrating its proven capability in the field of EMC/EMI with its PTCM Series instrumentation amplifiers.

“European Microwave 2019 is an important platform for our newest intelligent, modular PTCM Series”, said Imad Gharib, TMD’s Sales Manager Instrumentation Amplifiers. “These advanced TWT (Travelling Wave Tube) based RF instrumentation amplifiers operate over a frequency range from DC to 40 GHz, with a power output up to 50 kW, and are designed to deliver the highest field strengths in the test environment.”

TMD’s newly developed high power dual combined PTCM amplifier is now available – with higher multiple combinations to follow.

 “Furthermore,” continued Imad Gharib, “we can now offer a new ultra-high power, dual combined version of the PTCM amplifier for HIRF testing and other demanding applications across a variety of industry sectors and are already in the process of developing higher multiple combinations. We continue to see great potential not only for EMC/EMI but for many scientific, military and other applications.”

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