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TMD celebrates an outstanding 75 years at the top of scientific and technical microwave and RF innovation

From the world’s very first high-power radar klystrons to quantum clocks!

This year, TMD Technologies Limited (TMD), world class designer and manufacturer of products for radar, EW, communications, scientific and EMC testing applications – celebrates an unbeatable 75 years in the microwave and RF industry.

Innovation at its core

TMD’s innovative heritage can be traced right back to the 1940s where, under the then leadership of EMI, the company produced the world’s first high power klystron the CV150. Subsequent major developments covered travelling wave tubes (TWTs) and magnetrons, leading to a multi-cavity klystron for the UK’s first early warning radar, and the world’s first and only electrostatically focussed klystron produced in volume.

Later, then under the management of Thorn Microwave Devices (the first ‘TMD’), the company continued its lead at the cutting edge of technology with a raft of new introductions including spin and shutter-tuned magnetrons, broadband klystrons, ring loop and ring bar travelling wave tubes, and ELINT receivers. Also, highlighting the company’s increasing world status, the UK MoD and US DoD funded a team at TMD doing research into thermionic emission – with substantial benefits for the company’s subsequent tube products.

The advent of TMD Technologies Limited (TMD)

Following a successful management buy-out, the mid-90s saw the birth of TMD Technologies Limited – the ’TMD’ known worldwide today.

New management initiatives saw the development of high voltage switched mode power supplies, which enabled TMD to supply complete rugged amplifiers, thereby solving the many integration issues customers were facing and leading to thousands of TMD rugged amplifiers being fielded worldwide.

Developing from the rugged amplifier technology, TMD also began the production of ‘commercial’ instrumentation amplifiers for laboratory applications such as EMC testing and scientific research.

Responding to market needs, TMD also progressed into development of its now popular rugged, miniaturised microwave power modules (MPMs) – for applications where weight and space are critical requirements. Also, at the other end of the scale, the company showed its burgeoning total design and manufacturing capability by producing a complete S band air traffic control transmitter – now in use at several major airports worldwide.

TMD later introduced an advanced GaN MMIC-based solid state MPM, optimised for EW/ECM systems and featuring over 30,000 hours predicted MTBF in an uninhabited fighter environment!

The company’s tube legacy was not however forgotten, and major advances in this area included volume production of fast-warm Ku band ring loop tubes.

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