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High Power Low Frequency Amplifiers for Accelerator Applications

A new family of amplifiers resulting from extensive research and development into ultra-available and highly efficient solid-state amplifier technology is now available from TMD.

The aims of the development were to avoid the traditional pitfalls of Solid State Technology, such as poor efficiency and low reliability where tube technology has been superior for many years, and design out these weaknesses.

The resulting technology boasts excellent performance coupled with world beating availability, which is critically important for many applications where the system is required to provide 24/7 operation.

These units can be configured as either pulsed or CW amplifiers or generators, and frequencies from 10 MHz to 1.3 GHz can be provided using standardised designs, depending on the system requirements.

They are intended to replace triode and tetrode based low frequency systems where the availability, life or reliability of the tube technology has become a major issue.

The amplifier design is highly modular with redundant individual Power Amplifier Modules and modular telecoms derived DC power supplies. The amplifiers are rated and configured to provide sufficient headroom to compensate for module failure without performance degradation and both the Power Amplifier Modules and the DC Power Supplies are designed to be hot-swappable in the event of failure, giving zero system down time.

Part Number D/L
Frequency (MHz) Power
Duty Cycle
Size WxDxH (mm)
PTS9981 186 120 CW 2130x990x2130
PTS9903 202 250 4 1200x800x2100
PTS9971 352 400 5 2400x800x2100
PTS10034 500 310 CW 3600x800x2300

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