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SPOTLIGHT ON: NEW high power, dual combined version of TMD’s PTCM Series intelligent modular instrumentation amplifiers

At EMV 2019, TMD Technologies Limited, world class, West London based manufacturer of professional microwave and RF products, will once again be demonstrating its proven capability in the EMC/EMI field to a wide spectrum of professionals attending from industry, commerce, defence and science.

Following the showcasing of TMD’s intelligent, modular PTCM Series TWT (Travelling Wave Tube) instrumentation amplifiers last year, at EMV this year TMD will be focusing on a new ultra high power, dual combined version of the amplifier.

TMD has years of experience in power combining techniques to achieve the higher powers required for the more challenging EMC HIRF (High Intensity RF) testing applications. This has now enabled the company to offer power combined amplifiers in its advanced PTCM range – with all the standard built-in user benefits, including rugged modular design, advanced self-diagnosis, graphical user interface, and remote management.

Designed for the most demanding EMC HIRF testing applications, TMD’s new Dual PTCM units deliver more than 10 kW pulsed and greater than 4 kW CW, mainly covering the range 2-18 GHz. The exceptional performance is achieved by combining two TWTs and high voltage power supplies within one rack mountable amplifier – thus maintaining a single input and output.

Download full press release – EMV 2019 Preview